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Marriott Traveler

Your Guide to Ramen Slurping Like a Local in Vancouver

Sometimes I write for other websites and publications. Vancouver

  1. Vancouver’s Top 10 Try Before You Die Ramen – September 5, 2014

Note: Title of the piece is self-explanatory.  Also, yup as the commenter noted I made a spelling error.  Mistook a capitalized “I” for a lower case “l” when researching.  Sorry. Other than that the content is correct Yah Yah Ya serves delicious ramen from the city of Yokohama.

  1. Japanese Beyond Sushi: 11 Vancouver Hot Spots – August 21, 2014

Note: Japanese food other than sushi and sashimi in Vancouver.

  1. Dare You Eat Vancouver’s Top 20 Bad-Ass Meaty Delights? – July 11, 2014

Note: Unusual meats and offal dishes found in Vancouver.


The Province

Which new treats to eat at the Rog? Canucks roll out some interesting noshes, but are you better off in the arena or at Costco?

The Sunday Province, Page: B12, Edition: Final The Province – Sun Nov 9 2014

My review of the new food at Rogers Arena for Canucks Home Games published in The Province.