About Me

Good food is meant to be shared.

I grew up in Vancouver and am happy to call this multicultural city my home.

As a kid, I was able to sample food from various Asian and European countries conveniently. As an adult, new cuisines from Mexico and Middle Eastern countries were added to my culinary repertoire.

I’ve been blessed to experience a lot of wonderful meals. What makes food great often is not just the food but also the people one was with, and the new things you learn.

The more dishes I’ve tried the more similarities I see. We all need to eat and everybody prefers delicious food.

These two simple ideas connect all people. It’s the reason why there’s fried chicken, dumplings, noodles, soup, and desserts in almost every culture. Seriously, who hates fried chicken?

I do have a preference for Japanese, Cantonese and Italian food. My noodle in soup obsession, ramen and wonton noodle soup in particular, is sometimes overboard.

As a scroll through my own archives, I can’t help but smile. Food has provided me with so much more than just sustenance.

I started this website so I can share what I experience with each meal. The happiness and inspiration I feel when a chef successfully tries something new to push the boundaries. The disappointment when potential isn’t actualized.   My favourite is when a light bulb goes off in my head when I realize something new about an ingredient, cooking technique or culture.

I hope you enjoy what you read here and allow me to show you that food it is more.