Just Wow! – Flower & Horse in Spring Crossing Bridge Noodles

I decided to switch it up for this post.  It felt right to go lyrical for a place called Flower & Horse in Spring.  The Chinese menu is a poetic inspiration for some of the below – so good that I can’t even make it up myself.
If you want a more comprehensive look at the  Yunnan Crossing Bridge Noodles at Flower and Horse, I suggest checking out the prose written by Dennis the Foodie here.

White tiny dishes uniquely coloured with morsels of food,

Covered the table like a meadow in bloom.
Pink Spam, golden quail egg, grass green chives
Vibrant hues stirs – a hungriness blossoms.
Starting with the yolked dish, each was to be tipped into
the hot pale soup, tumultuous and bubbling.
Each add – spicy, sour, savoury, sweet, salty
Built up the light duck bone broth.
Boiled and crispy pork belly just a side show,
Not impactful, a little boring.
Yunnan pickles and spicy meat – star power!
Boosted the firm round white noodles bland.
Each slurp was delicious, filling and light
No heaviness or bloat.
Surprise detour in our Yunnan cuisine meandering;
Lost in translation and Punyu bias.
In a bowl of slightly sweeten milk,
Fried braided fried dough bobbing.
Expected donut with sweeten condensed milk,
Instead, Milk Sesame Flower a morning cereal breakfast.
Not sure if this was dessert or not,
More neutral than candy bliss.
Sweet dumplings with pea flour, nutty and buttery.
Much more lip smacking, flavours bountiful.
Drizzled with syrup complex and caramel like
Fitted the aromatic dark sesame filling, such balance.
This trip through the Southern Clouds was too fast a gallop.

Will return, always fun to explore and cross bridges.

Flower & Horse in Spring
1741 Robson Street
Vancouver, BC V6G 1E1
(Caution Mostly in Chinese)

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