My Wonton Mein Saga: Daimo Noodle Express

Solid Small Wontons
At Daimo Noodle Express
Good Eats in Marpole
When I started my blog, I thought it would be really easy to devote a specific section to my favourite, Wonton Noodle Soup.  However, the reality is quality wontons are slowly being phased out in Vancouver, replaced by more trendy noodles like Ramen and build it your self noodle combos.
I love all noodles but there’s a special place in my heart for these bulbous soup dumplings.  They were there for quick family meals when I was kid, bad days at school or work, and are perfect for grey wet Vancouver days.

After retrieving my Toronto based sister, the Planner, from YVR, we stopped at Daimo Noodle Express.  This Marpole area eatery is one of the few wonton shops I haven’t visited since I’m rarely in the neighbourhood.
It met my expectations, complete with the slightly surly but very efficient waitresses who seem to like to loudly complain about things, including patrons.  Not us but others people who they don’t think understand Cantonese.  It was strangely nostalgic. 
The Wonton Noodle Soup:
Before digging in, I could smell the strong fragrant aroma of dried seafood.  Not surprisingly the soup was flavourful with an intense dried seafood taste.  It was a good Superior Broth.  However, there is some MSG in the stock as I was a little thirsty after my meal. 


The wontons themselves were small.  Each morsel contained two nickel sized snappy shrimps.  I was surprised there wasn’t anything minced in (like shrimp or pork) with the whole shrimps.  However the wontons were nicely seasoned and wrapped.
To complete the bowl, the noodles were cooked well and had a bouncy chew.
The Rest of the Meal – Veggies, Squid & Fried Noodles:
For the healthy portion of our meal, we got the basic blanched Gai Lan with oyster sauce.  The leafy greens were vibrant and not mushy.
The Salt and Pepper Squid Tentacles dish was listed under the Chef’s Special/Recommendation section of the menu and the Planner and I thought, “Why not.”


The squid was coated and deep-fried.  Nerd candy sized batter bits boosted the crunchiness of the dish.  The seafood itself were a little chewy but not rubbery.  The garlic and peppers added another layer of flavour.  My sister and I liked this entrée.
Since we were starving, we also got a plate of Beef Fried Flat Rice Noodles.  The glossy noodles had a good amount of wok hei, were soft and mostly separated (big clumps of flat rice noodles are the worst). 


The onions and bean sprouts were still crisp.  The baking soda tenderized beef still had some beefy taste.  I felt the dish was a touch greasy and wish the soy sauce used was sweeter.  Overall Daimo’s version was a decent rendition.
Final Thoughts:
Given the shrinking availability of Wonton focused places in the city, I was happy to find Daimo.  It provides a tasty option, when I need to pick up relatives from the airport and don’t want to deal with the parking hell in Richmond.
Daimo Noodle Express
8185 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC V6P 4Z6
Phone: 604 264 7873

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  1. grayelf says:

    Glad you liked my old fave. They have a shrimp and scallop wonton that my SO really likes as well, and he adores the “squeaky” noodles, which I suspect have some lye in them. Another worthy item is the deep fried wonton, which you have to have with Koon Chun hot sauce, not the sweet and sour one they come with. This place is where I discovered Koon Chun. I liked the hot sauce so much I made the tiny staffer haul the massive tin of it out of the kitchen so I could see the brand. Memories! I've often suspected the staff were talking about us ;-).


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