My Wonton Mein Saga: Congee Noodle Delight

Very poor pork wontons
No flavour in the dumpling
And the soup sucked too.
When East Fusion shuttered, my only source of decent wontons in the downtown disappeared.  Many many months later, a shop serving congee and noodles opened in the same spot.  It gave me hope that I could once again conveniently get my wonton fix; well at least during the work week.
Congee Noodle Delight didn’t make too many changes to the former décor of East Fusion that I could observe.  I noticed the large flat screen TV was no more in the main section of the dining area.

As typical of these dwindling types of establishments (exclusive purveyors of wontons & congee), efficiency is the norm.  You can be seated, served, eat and leave in about 40 minutes – perfect for time strapped office workers. 


Quickly my usual order (wonton noodle + veggies) landed on my table.  The wontons were large but their size could not compensate for the lack of flavour in the filling.
Filled with mostly pork and a few whole smallish shrimps, the wonton had an initial hit of sesame oil and that was it. Throughout my meal the occasional bite of wonton would have a burst of seasoning but for the most part they were bland.  They lacked umami from the shrimp and the pork.  You couldn’t detect the taste of either protein to be honest.


In addition, the wrapper was quite mushy which may have lead to the creation of holes, which further contributed to the filling’s absence of taste.  The flavour of the dumpling probably leeched into the cooking water.  In short, the wontons were not good.
The veggies (Gai Lan) and noodles were executed well; firm and not over cooked.
The soup was poor as well.  It didn’t have a strong seafood flavour as you would expect from a superior stock.  Instead it had a predominant chicken flavour.  Overall the soup lacked depth and was under seasoned.
My wonton experience was very underwhelming.  The only bright spot of my lunch was the deep fried garlic tofu a.k.a golden sands tofu.


The tofu itself was hot and silky smooth on the inside.  Its exterior was crusted with a pebbly crispy coating that was not at all greasy.  The seasoning was placed on the outside – a good level of salt, small amounts of M.S.G., and golden bits of garlic.
I would consider coming back for the tofu dish and to try other non-soup noodle items on the menu. 
From a wonton noodle perspective, it was a fail.  The soup and wontons were too subpar for me to even consider re-ordering it from Congee Noodle Delight.
Congee Noodle Delight
International Village Mall (A.K.A. Tinseltown)
88 W Pender St.
Vancouver, BC
V6B 1R3
(604) 336-3311
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