Wow, You’ve Got Something There! – Pollo Torta & Everything Else from Molli Café

Molli Café serves
yummy Mexican tortas

near busy Davies.

I have to give a hat tip to Chowhound Vancouver board participant, Grayelf (@grayelfvan), for bringing attention to this small café blocks away from St. Paul’s Hospital. 
Molli Café blends into the apartment complex it’s located in and doesn’t stand out.  I’m sure I would have walk right by it without realizing it serves delicious Mexican food within.
On the day I visited a cheerful trio manned the café.  The menu is concise and consists of: specialty coffees, 3 types of tacos, 3 kinds of tortas, a daily soup, and some breakfast items.
I ordered the daily soup, the pollo torta and a pulled pork taco to take back to the office.
The daily soup was zucchini and I was apprehensive about this as the green squash can be flavourless and watery.  The soup ended up being delicious – simple yet tasty and satisfying. 


Topped with cilantro chiffonade, sour cream and some sort of soft crumbly cheese, the green concoction had some depth.
The soup was tangy from the sour cream and herby from the cilantro.  It definitely had the sweet zucchini flavour and a slight spicy kick to finish. It was also thick enough to hold up my spoon.
The pulled pork taco feature seasoned pulled pork, shredded cabbage for texture and tart pickled onions.


The pork was a bit on the stringy side but not too dry.  The natural sweet taste of pork shone through.  I liked how all the ingredients came together, adding texture and different flavours to the taco. 

A small container of hot sauce was given with the taco. The sauce certainly would have given another dimension to the dish but I dare not touch it as looked super spicy to me.
The last item and my favourite, was the pollo torta which came with chips & fresh salsa.  Using a squat bun, the staff did not skimp on the filling.


There were large chunks of both dark and white meat.  The chicken was very tender.   The chipotle onions added a slight sauce and spiciness to the sandwich.  The tomatoes, cilantro, cheddar cheese and avocado all brought their flavours to the sandwich.


Combined together the ingredients yielded a meaty, slightly spicy, creamy yet light eating experience.  The pollo sandwich was fantastically yummy with all the flavours going on.
With Molli Cafe less is more.  Each seemingly simple item I tried was packed with flavour and had a spiciness level that improved the eating experience without being overwhelming.
In addition, I was thoroughly impressed with the customer service at the place.  The staff was happy, attentive and thoughtful especially towards the seniors there.  Molli Café has my respect and my patronage any time I’m in the Burrard & Davie area.

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